The rush to explore the world has become one of the incentives the development of communication. Travel has become a passenger and baggage with time began enough credit.

Less wealthy, or who have less time will have to do a trip, or travel short-lived. The tour participant is a hiker. Hiker lover of sightseeing tours to tourist.

Traveling courtesy casual car owners to hitchhiking, and the traveler is a hitchhiker.

Traveling, because there is no where to return it wandering. According to legend, constantly on the road it is the Wandering Jew. Journey to permanently or temporarily settle in another country to emigration.

Travel in connection with work a business trip, commonly delegation. Traveling sales representative is a salesman.

Occasional variation is the honeymoon trip.
Travel - change of residence on the remote. A person traveling on foot is a wanderer means of communication is a passenger or Wojażer. Unlike nomads - nomads, members of the group of people not having a permanent place of residence, moving from place to place, eg. Due to changes in weather or in search of food, water, fuel or pastures for livestock, travelers had since the dawn of the representative of civilization settlement.

The journey is long, initially for a practical purpose: science, commerce, politics (the message). People traveled also to places of worship: the desire to atone for sins, to conciliate grace or gratitude for them. Travel to visit places of worship called a pilgrimage, and the person participating in the pilgrimage this pilgrim or palmer.

Travel required adequate preparation. Travelers took together wardrobe for different seasons, tableware, food supplies, tents, and sometimes the service. In this way the journey became expedition.